Hire me for quality content that will transform your business

hire-meHello! Need a writer? My name is Aisha Sulaiman. I am a freelance writer, ghostwriter, blogger copywriter and online content writer.

I help businesses achieve their marketing goals by writing quality web copy, blog content and high converting lead magnets for their marketing campaigns.

Is content creation or development putting you under pressure?

Are you a marketing manager, editor or a small business owner with a tight schedule and no time to create awesome blog posts, eBooks, case studies, white papers, newsletters and other marketing materials that can help you get more sales and generate more leads?

Then let me help you as a freelance writer to take off that content creation pressure and create content tailored to meet your need for you.

Reaching out to people via  content is essential as it helps to convey important messages to your audience, clients, students or members as the case may be.

You can use articles, blog posts, white papers, reports and so on to engage and deliver information on your behalf to your clients and audience even when you are not there. Hence creating an automated marketing tool for you.

This gives your businesses the needed leverage to capture more leads.

Do you also find it difficult to write a piece of article, report or eBook that can explain issues to your audience in a simplified form? then you are in the right place.

Have no fear I will handle it.

Or maybe whenever you sit to write the words just don’t flow and you have a piece of writing to deliver with the deadline so close, I can help you out with that too.

Just like a client I had who found it difficult to write, he just feels this block each time he sits to write but the thought keeps flowing inside his head and if he was to just talk, he would be able to pour it all out.

So I suggested to him “why don’t you create an audio and send it to me and I will create a piece out of it for you”. This ended up as a ghostwriting project.

Whatever your writing needs might be, we can always find a solution for you.

All you have to do is contact me.

With years of writing experience, you can be sure to get your projects done excellently.

First I will work with you to define your audience and the purpose of the write-up.

I will then create an outline on the scope of your project with suitable points for you to review.

I can also help you with images for blog posts and finally, you will get revisions done to your satisfaction and the end result? content that is meaningful and fully packed with information.

Get in touch and let’s discuss your project.

Send me an email now at aisha@freelancewriteronline.com.

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