How To Use Graphics For Creating Lead Magnets That Will Resonate With your Target Audience

lead magnet pdfYou cannot dispute the fact that the attention span of people have dropped over time and yet you are still saddled with the responsibility of capturing their attention to grow your business.

How then do you keep your target audience engaged?

Well, the answer is “GRAPHICS”!

Content that is visually enticing will definitely get more attention.

Graphic design and images are taking over the marketing world and are used as tools for communicating with customers.

Design is the Future of marketing!

In this post, we’ll look at how graphics can make your lead magnets more engaging.

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You can have a lead magnet that will connect your brand, product or service with the right customer.

Images and graphics tend to appeal to the emotional side of people and you can focus on this to draw in potential leads.

For example, if you wanted to attract mothers, a good image to place on the cover page of your lead magnet would be a very cute and irresistible baby.

Any mother who sees a cute baby will be drawn to your website and be forced to take a second look.

As mothers they will feel a deep connection and as the image resonates in their mind.

A research conducted by Forrester indicates that marketers can see an increase in sales by 20% when the nurture their leads, and what better way to get started than by using a lead magnet to capture leads!

Even though this seems like an obvious option, not all marketers are taking advantage of it.

But you can make a difference and beat competition by making use of high converting lead magnet in your marketing mix.

There are three places in you lead magnet where you need to put your images and graphics to use.

#1 The Lead Magnet Cover Page

The cover image is the first thing your potential audience will see and this needs to resonate with them. The image and graphics should be eye-catching and relevant enough to grab their attention and at the same time pique their curiosity to want to find out more.

The graphics and images used should be able to evoke strong emotions in the mind of the reader and get them hooked.

This is key, and it will help you move them seamlessly to the next stage, which is to input their e-mail address, to gain access to the lead magnet.

#2 The Lead magnet Interior Design

The design of the inner pages of your lead magnet must also be appealing and easy to read.

The graphics and images used should draw in the reader and make them stay glued to the pages until the end.

You can use a lot of white spaces and the right colors to make it easy on the eyes as well!

You can include stats, graphs, and charts to add more credibility to the content of your lead magnet.

the color used can also be aligned to match your brand to enable continuity in brand marketing.

#3 The Mockup Design

Once the lead magnet is complete, you need to have a mock-up image that will be used for your landing page.

The graphics, backgrounds as well as the image formats used are all important in getting the attention of your target audience.

A good graphics for your lead magnet can make a lot of difference and improve your opt-in rates if done correctly.

However, if you do not get it right and have a shabby or unattractive lead magnet, then your opt-in rate would be low even if the content is great.

This means that content alone cannot stand on its own, and needs to be supported with the right set of graphics to make it more engaging and easier to digest.

A picture is often worth a thousand words and can be used to pass on your marketing message and drive more leads and sales for your business.

Do you currently have a lead magnet for your business?

If you don’t, then you should get in touch now and we will work together to create an awesome lead magnet for your business.

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