8 Service Combo you can offer clientsI bet as a freelance blogger you are highly creative and most definitely armed with more than one skill set.In this post, you will discover 8 combo-pack services you can offer clients For better results.

Do you make plans before writing?

Or strategize on the best way to promote your content?

Do you edit and proofread your entire site to make sure that its error free?

Or even know a bit about web design and end up spending hours trying to tweak your website instead of writing?

Then I think you should offer some of those skills you use in your own freelance business to your clients as well, and get paid for it.

Customers who are searching for freelance bloggers to write blog posts for them might along the line have other needs.

As the freelance blogger working with a client, you should learn to ask questions and make suggestions to clients on how to improve their business, while at it, enlighten them regarding the other kind of skill set you have and make them an offer as part of the project.

Let’s face it most of our clients are busy people and would love to have someone else worry about some parts of their business while they focus on more important things.

So whatever skill set you have, you should be able to tailor it to suit a particular client and practically help them “kill two birds with one stone. In a blog post by Kirsty Stuart, she sheds more light on what your Client might perceive as “providing value.”

So in addition to writing blog posts, you can offer the following services as well.


These should be considered during the project evaluation process, even before you take up the project.


1. Content marketing


This process is usually the most important step after writing a blog post. Most clients still have to seek for ways to market their content; otherwise, it will not be seen or read by their target audience. Content marketing is effective for driving engagement and new leads for clients.

Places, where you can market content, will be discussed below. It is also an added advantage if you already have a large followership or fans in the same niche as your client.

  • Social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and so on. This will help not only the client but also boost your content marketing portfolio.
  • Forum posting: if you belong to forums which are in the same niche as your clients topic, you can share the post in the forums for traffic and backlink for your client.
  • Web 2.0 sites: Some of these websites allow you to blog freely on their sites, and you can also drive traffic by sharing the blog post either as a snippet or anchor text back to your client’s blog post.
  • Blog post commenting: you can help clients make detailed comments on relevant blogs with the aim of driving traffic and quality backlinks.
    Any or all of these can be added to the blog post writing package, and I’m sure your client will love you for it

2. Editorial calendar planning

Sometimes, clients are not too clear on how frequent they want you to write for them. You can offer to help with an editorial calendar that will serve as a schedule for when each post should be written.

It will include post titles and the dates for submission of the posts as well as the frequency of posts required per month.
This will not only help your client but also assist you with planning for other projects you are working on.

You can search online for templates if you cannot come up with one.

3. Content marketing strategy

This service can be offered to clients when the client is not sure about the best strategy to use for their content marketing.

Here, the client needs to define the goal of the blog posts they want you to write. Based on this, you will be able to advise on the best strategy to use.

For example, if they want quality back links for traffic, then the sky scrapper technique or blog network for back-links would be appropriate.

Or if the aim is to generate engagement then they might need to use autoresponders coupled with email series for subscribers.

A good understanding of the goal of your client is important for you to nail this.

Point of Service

4. Proofreading and editing

You write and edit your work all the time, and this makes you better than the average person. You have over time developed your editing and proofreading skills.

Wrong spellings or grammar give you goose bumps, and you can spot them in an instant.

Then you should put the acquired skill to good use.

Sometimes Clients might have had a certain amount of posts written on their blog and need not only additional writing services but proofreading or editing services as well.

They might not even realize that they need the service until you draw their attention to errors in their previous blog posts.

You can make use of software to make this process easy for you when you have large assignments.

Software such as Ginger or Grammarly will help you get the job done faster.

5. Graphic design

Usually with the need for content or blog posts comes the need for graphics. These forms of graphics can be illustrations, images for blog posts, infographics, eBook covers and so on.

If you are good with graphics, then this will be a bonus for you. However, if you are not, you can lease with a graphic designer to help out while you take your cut from the project.

The whole graphic package can range from logo design to letterheads and all other items that require graphics.

Post Service

6. Website design

Most clients probably already have a website or blog before contacting you for content. However, they might need to tweak a couple of this on the site such as additional plugins or layouts and design.

For example, clients might not have Meta descriptions for their previous blog posts. You can easily install SEO Yoast for them and update all the Meta descriptions.

Another good example is the Alt tags for their images. This phase might have also been omitted by the client, and they will be losing some traffic that could come from image search.

7. Ad Setup

Are you familiar with setting up ads with Google Adwords or Facebook?

This skill can come in handy too.

You can help clients set up Ads that will possibly be optimized for the lowest cost possible, and they will be grateful to you.

This can be used when the client needs to generate new leads or when they need more paid traffic and have a budget for advertising.

8. Content Marketing

Clients usually get content written to help them drive traffic to their blog post. After writing the article, you can offer to convert that same article into PDF, PowerPoint slides, and video. Once this gets done, you can share these new formats across content sharing sites for each of the format.

For example, there is a list of PDF sharing sites where you can submit the PDF. The same applies to the PowerPoint slide and video which all have corresponding Slide sharing sites such as Slideshare and Video sharing sites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo.

This system is literary a win-win for both client and freelance writer. It saves the client the time and effort to find another freelancer to handle other parts of their project, and it helps the freelancer with additional funds along with a boost in their portfolio.

I usually offer to transform your article into various forms (i.e., PDF, slide, and Video) then distributing it on content sharing sites as a package. I am also considering adding blog post commenting for quality back-links for my clients.

So there you have it. Eight ways to provide additional services to your clients.

Have you used any of the above? If yes share it with us in the comments. Or perhaps you offered an entirely different package? We would love to hear that too in the comments section.

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